5 Favorite Must Haves To Take RV Camping

Riding Bikes At Sleepy Hollow Campgrounds

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Last Updated on June 15, 2021 by Lori

What are some Fun camping items to take RV Camping?  After you purchase all the Must-Haves for your RV,  let’s get to some of our Favorite Fun RV Camping Must-Haves you will Love at the campground!

Favorite RV Camping Must-Haves

Every winter after we winterize our travel trailer it seems like an eternity for camping season to begin! 

We planned…and planned…and then the weekend was here and it was time to go camping!


Camping At Sleepy Hollow Campgrounds


But of course, as with the start of every camping season, there are always a few bumps in the road!

  • Things we forgot to check a few days before we were leaving (which caused our 2-hour delay in leaving for the campground)

  • Things we forgot to bring and

  • Why we had to cut the camping trip short and come home a day early 


Nothing major but a few lessons learned!

First, though, I wanted to post about some FUN things that we did during the weekend that will now be part of our “RV camping must-haves“.


Our plan was to leave around 10 a.m. for the three and a half-hour or so trip to the campsite.


Our daughter left Virginia at 3:30 a.m. to be at our house in time to leave and as she pulled up in her Jeep, my husband and I noticed it was packed full of “stuff!”


As she opened up the back of her Jeep, she began pulling out these large “board-like” things.  My husband quickly said, “That’s not going to fit! 


We don’t have room for whatever THAT is!


She just smiled and continue to pull it out of her Jeep.


Of course, we found a spot for it inside the trailer and boy were we glad we did! “THAT” turned out to be one of the most fun things on the trip!


5 Favorite RV Camping Must-Haves You’ll LOVE At The Campground!

  5 Favorite Must Haves To Take RV Camping  

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Best Games To Play At The Campground

The “Cornhole” game (or bean bag toss) was so much fun to play!  (THIS is what she was pulling out of her Jeep!)

In fact, as we pulled into our campsite, the site next to us had a Cornhole tournament underway that went on the entire weekend! 


Several other campers from different sites were also participating and then we began seeing trucks pulling into their site (they were seasonal campers) with additional family members who had come to play! 


They played that game into the wee hours of the morning – even shining a light on the boards so they could see! We had our own tournament and of course, my son won every time! 


This fun camping game has kept our kids occupied for hours at the campground!


We found out that my Dad is the Champion Corn Hole Player in our family!

  Cornhole Game


This is the Corn Hole Game she brought and I can tell you it is very well made!

Viva Sol 2’x4′ Bean Bag Toss Game

  • Premium All-Wood, Bean Bag Toss Boards – Regulation-Size (2’ x 4’)
  • Portable with Folding Legs, Nesting Boards, and Heavy-Duty Rope Handle
  • Thick Metal Legs Add Stability and Store Under the Board for Portability
  • All-Weather, Canvas Bean Bags (4 Blue, 4 Green) with Mesh Carrying Bag
  • Designed for Outdoor Use with Beautiful, Durable Walnut Finish

  Cornhole Tournament

Cornhole Game


Favorite Camping Snacks

That night while we were sitting by the campfire, she went into the trailer and came out with an open fire popcorn popper.  

Campfire Popcorn Popper  

But this one wasn’t just the popper, it had little cardboard popcorn holders and flavored salt too!  It came all in a packet with the oil and popcorn so all you had to do is dump it in and POP! This one is the Whirley Pop Open Fire Popcorn Popper – Popcorn Set with Popping Kit and Seasoning Sampler – Great for Use Over Outdoor Fire Pits and has everything in one kit. 


Camping and Road Trip Snacks

The third thing she brought along on the camping trip my husband loved! 


After we had been hiking all day, we came back to the campsite and she went into the trailer again (into her magic bag I guess…) and came out with this:


A box of assorted KRAVE Beef and Pork Jerky




My husband LOVES Beef Jerky and he was in heaven!

Sittin’ by the fire…eating his jerky.

This also makes a great Road Trip Snack too!  He LOVES to eat jerky while driving!


This package offers so many varieties including Pork Jerky!  I’m afraid I’m not much of a “Jerky” lover, but my son, daughter and husband LOVED it! KRAVE Jerky Variety Pack (Beef Jerky, Pork Jerky) 8 Count

  • Assortment includes one 2.7-ounce bag of each flavor: Beef Jerky in Chili Lime, Garlic Chili Pepper, Sea Salt, Sweet Chipotle; Pork Jerky in Black Cherry BBQ, Garlic Sweet Teriyaki; Turkey Jerky in Basil Citrus, Lemon Garlic.


Best Bike Rack For Travel Trailers

We were lucky that when we purchased our 2018 Jayco JayFeather, the bike rack was included.  This season, we were determined to bring our bikes and boy were we glad we did! 


Having the bikes at the campground was so much fun – and not to mention making it very easy to run to the restroom so you didn’t have to walk!


This is the bike rack we have on our Jayco. 


We have had many RVers stop to ask us about the rack which makes it easy to carry two bikes. Jack-It 2 Bike Rack   Here’s a picture of our bikes on the trailer.


Bikes on our Jayco  

Here’s the photo of our bike rack without the bikes  


Jack-It Bike Rack  


If you’re looking for a bike rack for your trailer, take a look at the Jack-It 2 Bike Rack!  


Riding Bikes At Sleepy Hollow Campgrounds  


Camp Cooking At The Campground

What’s more fun than eating at the campground?  I think we eat more at the campground than we do at home! 

We love our new Blackstone Tabletop Griddle!


Bacon on the Blackstone Grill  

I had been hearing about the Blackstone Griddle all winter long and two days before our trip, we decided to order it! 

Now, four years later, and we STILL Love it!

I first wrote about this grill in my blog post 10 Ultimate Wish List Items For Your Favorite RVer

I talked about my Wish List items for this year’s camping season…and now I can cross this one off!


Hashbrowns on the Blackstone  

We seasoned the grill right at the campground and used it the next morning.  We made bacon, eggs, and hash browns. 

The eggs cooked so quickly and it was perfect to use to make Breakfast for Five!


Breakfast on the Blackstone


Before we had our Blackstone Griddle, I always watched other campers making breakfast outside on a grill…while I was inside cooking hash browns, eggs, pancakes and bacon inside the travel trailer on my 3 burner stove. 


Now, I can be outside with everyone else making breakfast!  That is if my husband lets me cook on it!


I did a full review of the Blackstone Griddle after we had used it a few more times.  You can see my tips for how long it stayed seasoned (you need to keep seasoning it), the best way to clean the grill and recipes to make!


You can read the review of the Blackstone Griddle HERE


Well, that’s it for now…let me know what are some of your “Fun” Must-Haves You Take Along camping!


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  Five Favorite Must Haves To take RV Camping  

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  1. Thanks Lori, I feel like I was there! You are an excellent writer. We are definitely going to put some of those on our wish list!

    1. Thank you! We had so much fun our first trip of the season…except that poor Buddy (our Golden Retriever) got sick in the night so we decided to play it safe and pack up a day early to take him home to our vet. He’s fine though! We are looking forward to our next trip at the end of June!

  2. Thanks so much for posting these! We just upgraded our camper and are excited to hit the road. Waiting to hear what your missed “checks” were so we can learn!

    1. Hi Jeanne, Yes I’ve already started a new list for this year! My rain jacket though, has to be the best purchase I ever made! I’ll be posting an updated list soon. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your new camper! Safe Travels!

    1. Hi Bob!
      We have both grills that we take along. We love the WeberQ and cook steaks, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, sausages, etc and it does great for being a little grill. We added the Blackstone grill mainly because I wanted to be able to cook breakfast outside. We have a 23 ft. travel trailer and while the 3 burner stove did the job last year, it was definitely a juggling act to get the eggs, hash browns, pancakes etc. cooked. My son is 17 years old and is 6’4 so when he comes camping with us, he eats a lot!

      Since school isn’t out yet here in the northeast, we’ve only been on one camping trip so far this year. Our next camping trip is June 25th and we plan to do more cooking on the Blackstone so I’ll let everyone know how it goes!

      Thanks for writing in!
      Safe Travels!

  3. we have a blackstone grill. i absolutely love it. we use it camping o the boat, and now take it with us in our new travel trailer.

    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for weighing in on the Blackstone Grill. There seems to be a debate about whether or not they are worth it! We definitely decided that we love it and have now moved from just breakfast on the Blackstone to cooking steaks, burgers, veggies – you name it.
      I find the grease from the bacon and burgers runs into the hole and makes for very easy clean up!

      Safe Travels & Happy Camping!

  4. Hi,
    Enjoy your blog and the information.
    My hubby and I purchased a 17ft.
    Jayco Hummingbird last year and the bike rack came with the trailer.
    While the idea is great, our 70+ shoulders made getting our bikes up on the rack without the kindness of strangers a bit of a challenge. That is high!!!!!
    We have taken our older hitch rack and used brackets to securely attach it to the rear bumper of the trailer. Bikes are secure and we haven’t incurred any injuries! 👍🏻


    1. Hi Pam!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the Jayco Hummingbird by the way! Yes, you are correct that bike rack can be difficult to reach – regardless of age! We are lucky that my husband can get them up there but he sometimes struggles too! Me? I’m 5’3 so I am no help at all! I have seen others who have taken hitch racks and securely attached them to the rear bumper for a bike rack so that’s a great idea. Plus, the bike rack on our Jayco is for only 2 bicycles so if you have a family with bikes, you’ll need to figure out additional bike rack solutions.

      Thanks for writing in the tip!

      Safe travels!

  5. We purchased a Class A motorhome last summer but ended up tearing out flooring, carpeting, couch pretty much everything as the previous owners did not divulge they had a cat and we were negligent in not asking that very, very important question. Hard and expensive lesson learned!! All that being said, it is now repainted inside, new carpet, new couch new flooring and ready to take us on some adventures!!! So glad we found your blog. I agree with everyone else you write so we feel like we are right there with you! Thank you for posting your lists and I look forward to reading more to get us prepared!

    1. Hi Marilyn! Thanks for stopping by! Wow, that’s a great tip to ask previous owners if they had pets! Sounds like you’ve made a nice and comfy RV for yourselves and ready to hit the road for some adventures! Stop back to let us know some of your plans for upcoming trips!

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