7 Awesome RV Camping Items You Need To Have

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Last Updated on January 28, 2020 by Lori

** updated 1/28/2020

Here are some of my favorite RV Camping items that I just know you are going to love!  These RV items will help to make your camping experience fun, organized, and comfy!

These are camping items we have and love or have seen at campgrounds that I now have added to my own RV Wish List!

The Best RV Camping Items You’ll Want To Have For Camping


When you love camping like we do, what do you do during the wintertime?  You look out at your RV and dream about camping! 


When you live in the northeast like we do, sometimes the winter can seem so long before it’s camping season.  Here’s a photo I took in March when we were having yet another nor’easter here in New York! 

That year, I didn’t think camping season would EVER come! 


Trailer in Snow


All we could think about was sitting by the campfire…hearing the night time sounds of the campground…smelling the yummy burgers/steaks/hot dogs/sausages on the grill…ahhhhh…  


Fire Pit  


Since we can’t go camping yet, we can still plan for our upcoming camping trips! 

That means, shop really, 😊 but I’m sure my husband won’t mind!

Every year, I put together a list of new items I want to get before our first camping trip of the season.  Of course, I’ve been keeping a running list all winter long and I just keep adding to it – but these are items I saw other campers had last year and I said to myself, “We gotta get these for next year!”


You may have seen one of my most popular posts – my list of the 20 Must Haves For New RVers which lists items every new RVer needs before their first camping trip. 


These are must have items that don’t usually come with your new trailer..  You can check out my blog post here!


I also wrote an article MY Top 5 Clothing Must Haves for RVers which lists my favorite clothing must-haves for camping.  Click here to read my blog post.


Here are MY picks for Awesome RV Camping Items You Need To Have!

   RV Camping Items You Want To Take Camping  

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience which means if you click on a link and make a purchase I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.  Please read our Disclosure Policy for more information.  


Fun RV Items To Add To Your RV Camping Trip

The first item I want to get are these Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights!  We have LED lights along the inside of the awning but everyone else also added lights along the outside of their awning as well. 

I kept seeing these cute lights on trailers at several different campgrounds and they not only looked cute at night but during the day too!

Get Them Here

  And…Don’t forget the clips to attach them! (And these don’t count as part of my 7 Awesome Items!)

Get Them Here

  One item we didn’t have last year and every time we went in and out of the trailer we said to ourselves, “We HAVE to get a Door Mat! This mat is so cute and will fit perfectly inside the trailer!

Get It Here


This year, I want to start keeping track of all the states we visit with this U.S. State Sticker Travel Map.  Now, whether or not the state counts as we pass through…or only if we spend the night…is something we’ll have to decide.  I’ll let you know!

Get It Here

  I also want to start a diary of sorts of all the campgrounds we visit, the site number we stayed, what we liked about the campground, things to do and see nearby, etc. so I found this awesome journal that has all the pages already laid out for me.

Get It Here


This bag will be perfect to keep in the truck for all our for snacks, iPad, chargers  – or I can use the bag for our Golden Retriever, Buddy’s snacks. 

I like the bag not only because it has cute campers on it but also because it has a zip-top closure.

Get It Here


We want to get two more Zero Gravity Chairs.  We have two that we really like – but then I found these chairs that look very similar – but they have a drink tray. 

My other chairs only have a pocket for your drink which made your drink hang awkwardly out of the pocket.  Then I would put my cell phone in the cup holder and if I was drinking coffee – well you get the picture.



These match our other chairs and what’s even better… They Come In A 2 Pack!  My husband and I can use these, and the kids can use the old ones!  Perfect!

Get Them Here


And finally, I can’t live without my soft  comfy pajamas!  They are so cute with the camper pattern and I just love sitting around in them (even if we aren’t camping!)  I found these when I visited my parents in Kansas and I just love them!

You can get them here!

 I will keep you posted if I add anything else to my list (I’m sure I will!!!) Safe Travels everyone!

Let me know the Awesome Items you have for your RV!  





Are You Forever Making RV Camping Lists?

Check out my Camping Notes Printables!  Perfect to put on your RV refrigerator or home refrigerator so you don’t forget anything when you head out to the campground!


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