RV Hack: How To Add Support To Your RV Dining Table Bed

Dining Table of the 23' Jayco Travel Trailer

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If you’re looking for ways to add support to your RV Table Bed, here’s an easy way we used to build additional support for your camper table bed conversion.


When our young adult children go camping with us, we convert the camper table into a bed.  However, we knew we would need to add some support to prevent the dining table from cracking.   


Let’s face it, the RV dinette bed size isn’t really made to support adults!  But, here’s an RV Hack that is easy to do which may be just enough support for what you need.

Adding Support To Your RV Dinette Booth Bed

We love our 23′ Jayco Travel Trailer!  You may be asking, what exactly do we love about it? 


Well, we love the fact that the travel trailer sleeps six (6), has a nice layout, and a slide-out that creates a “roomy-enough” living area, and we love the door that leads from the bathroom to the bedroom.



But, what I really love – and I am most thankful for – is the counter space I have in this travel trailer!


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We are what some RVers call “Weekend Warriors” where we camp for long weekends and a few long trips during the summertime. 


Most of the time it’s just my husband and me, along with Buddy our Golden Retriever, who are heading out on our camping adventure, so this sized trailer suits our needs just fine. 


We rarely use the dining table as a bed, unless it’s a rainy day and we are staying inside to read or watch movies.


So, the first time our kids (who are young adults) decided to go camping with us, we knew we needed to somehow add additional support to our RV dining table when it was made into a bed.


Here's our RV Hack to add support to your RV Table/Bed. The RV Dining Table is only made out of press board. See how we built a frame to support the RV Table/Bed! #RV #RVing #RVhack #RVcamping


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RV Table Bed Support

Why was my husband worried about the dining room table?


Well, for one thing, the table is only made out of pressboard and the last thing we wanted to do was pay for an RV dining table replacement.


Although there are two metal brackets that support it, he was worried that the pressboard might crack when our 6 ft. 5″ son moved around while sleeping on the bed.  


Yes, my son was elected to sleep on this bed because my daughter and her husband would be sleeping on the pull-out sofa. 


While there was plenty of room for all of us, my husband still worried about how to stabilize the table when it was made into a bed.


How To Make Your RV Table Bed Conversion Sturdy


Do you use your RV Dining Table as a bed?  


One of the things we love about our 23′ Jayco Trailer is that it can sleep six (6) people. 


When our young adult children come camping, we can all sleep comfortably for the long weekend. One of our worries, however, was our RV table. 


Since the dining room table is only made out of pressboard, we could just see our almost 18-year-old son putting a crack in our dining room table when he moved around during his sleep.    


Dining Table of the 23' Jayco Travel Trailer  

My husband came up with a frame to help stabilize the table which can easily be stored in the bench area of the dining room seats!


Frame to stabilize the RV dining Room table is easily stored  


Since our daughter and husband were also coming camping with us, it was decided that they would take the sofa-bed couch and my son would take the RV dinette table bed.


Here’s a photo of my son trying out the dining room bed – to see if he even fits!


Jayco travel trailer dining room bed conversion  

We knew he had to build something that would give us peace of mind while our son was sleeping on the dinette bed conversion!

So, my husband went to work in his shop.  


How To Stabilize The RV Dining Room Bed  

He created this easy-to-store frame that would help to stabilize the RV table when converted into a bed!  


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How To Make Your Own Frame For A Camper Trailer Bed Conversion

My husband used some plywood he had in the shop to create the frame. 


He measured exactly where the frame would sit under the table and then cut notches for the metal bracket that was under the table.


  RV Dining Room Table Bed Frame Cut notches to hold table  


He then hinged some stabilizers along the bottom. 


The hinges also allowed us to easily fold it and then store the frame under the RV dining table seats.  


RV Dining Room Table Frame showing hinges  

Here’s a close-up of how he hinged the wooden stabilizers along the bottom.  


Rv Dining Room Bed Frame Hinges    


Important:  When you measure your frame – be sure to take into account the carpet (if you have carpet) under the table.


My husband calculated the frame to sit slightly higher than the seat frame so that when the bed sunk into the carpet, it would be level with the seats!


  RV Dining Room Bed Frame  


The frame was a success!  You really can’t see that the frame is under the table when the bed is made up. 


Plus, we know when we have camping guests and need to make the table-to-bed conversion, any adult can sleep on the bed without damaging the RV table.  



How We Stabilized the RV Dining Room Table Bed  

Here’s a photo of us enjoying our very first RV Camping Trip to Sleepy Hollow Campgrounds.  Our son slept like a rock on the RV Dining Table bed too!  


(Please note:  This RV Hack is an example of what our family did to support the RV Dining Table when used as a bed.  We do not guarantee that this RV Hack will work for everyone!) 


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First RV Camping Trip Sleepy Hollow Campgrounds  

Do you have a Favorite RV Camping Hack to share?  I would love to hear yours!  


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How To Make Your RV Table Bed Sturdy


The Best Way To Add Support To Your RV Table Bed

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