The Best Gift Ideas For RV Camping

Gift Guide For RV Camping

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Last Updated on September 23, 2021 by Lori

Here are some great camping gift ideas for anyone who loves camping!  These are some of my favorite Gift Ideas that RV Campers can use and will love.  These RV Camping items will make great gifts for anyone who loves to camp!

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Camping Christmas Gift Ideas For RVers



The BEST Gift Ideas For RV Camping

Here are some of my favorite Gift Ideas For RV Camping! These RV Camping items will make great gifts for anyone who loves RV Camping!

Most of these items I own myself – or they are on my Wish List of items!  Happy Camping!


Forget about smoke at the campground!

Get The Solo Stove


Solo Stove Yukon



  • Bonfire Stand provides protection to heat-sensitive surfaces to the groundbreaking double-wall fire pit; A Carry Case Cover is included


  • Double-wall design maximizes airflow and burning process producing less Smoke and more Flame; Bottom vent holes allow oxygen while the double walls warm it; creates a burst of hot air over the fire reducing the smoke without the use of batteries and fans


  • Bonfire has Portable and singular construction that completely removes the need for parts and assembly; Just place the Stand on a level surface and set Bonfire on top; Stand nest inside the Ranger for easy transport; Start your fire with pellet or twigs


  • No more shuffling from smoke as the Bonfire burns with almost no smoke; spend less time dodging smoke and your clothes will not smell like a campfire; You will spend more time enjoying the fire.


  • More efficient and complete burn means the little particles that would have been smoking are burned up by the top vents; no more half-burned logs to deal with!


Check out the Solo Stove



This is one of my favorite lightweight fleece.  If you regularly read my blog, you will see me wearing it A LOT!!! 

It is so comfortable and I not only wear it camping but hiking too!


Half Zipped Fleece

Half Zip Fleece  

This is similar to the rain jacket that I wear all the time when we go camping.

  It is lightweight and keeps you dry!


Lightweight Rain Jacket For Her!

Rain Jacket  

I got my husband this rain jacket after he saw mine.  It is also lightweight and keeps him dry!


Men’s Rain Jacket

Mens Rain Jacket    

These are the hiking boots I talk about regularly on my blog! 

I just put them on and began hiking!  They are super lightweight and so comfy!


Women’s Hiking Boots

Womens Hiking Boots  


Of course, I had to get my husband a pair after he saw my hiking boots! 

I got him a different color though.

Mens Hiking Boots

  Mens Hiking Boots  

This is one of my favorite items to mark all the states we have been to!

RV State Sticker Map


I keep track of all of our trips in this journal.

RV Camping Journal





Camping Hair Don’t Care Hat


I’m a Happy Camper Hat





Double Camping Hammock –

Lightweight Nylon Portable Hammock, Best Parachute Double Hammock for Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Beach, Yard

Of course, it comes in many colors!





We LOVE our ice maker!


  We use a lot of ice when we go camping.


This one makes 26 lbs in an hour!


Portable Countertop Ice Maker




We love our Blackstone Griddle.  We use it in addition to our WeberQ!

Blackstone Griddle


This is our WeberQ.  We also have the stand which makes it easy to set up!





These pillow covers will look GREAT in any RV Camper!




I found these cute kitchen items for my own wish list!


Cute Happy Camper kitchen towels



Happy Camping Coasters



Happy Camper Dish Towel, Oven Mitt, and Salt Pepper Set




This is our RV indoor mat.  I just love to see it as I enter the trailer!

Enjoy Life Door Mat


These are just a few of my Favorite RV Camping items! 

Let me know what some of your favorite items are!


The Best Gift Ideas For RV Camping



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