A Review Of The Blackstone Griddle – Is It Really Worth The Money?

Bacon on the Blackstone Grill

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Last Updated on January 23, 2021 by Lori

You have probably seen the Blackstone Griddle all over social media.  It is one of the Top Rated Outdoor Grills on the market. But, is the Blackstone Griddle worth the money?

You see photos of delicious meals that people have cooked and videos of them cooking on these flat-top outdoor grills but what is so special about cooking on a Blackstone Griddle? Here’s our review of the Blackstone Griddle and what we found when we’ve used it for over four years of camping!

Blackstone Grill Reviews – Is It Really Worth The Money?

During our first season of RV Camping, I would look enviously at the other campers cooking their breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage, hash browns, potatoes, and eggs – whatever that aroma was!!!– outside their RV. 

They were laughing and having a good time while their breakfast was cooking on their Blackston Grill Top. Meanwhile, I was inside our 23 ft. travel trailer making my 6’5 son the same exact breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, etc. using several skillets on the tiny burners of our gas stove. 

Now, don’t get me wrong…it worked just fine! I cooked in batches and my breakfast was just as delicious! BUT…I wanted more…I wanted to be outside cooking my breakfast too!


My parents had cooked for years on other camping grills – what makes the Blackstone Griddle so special?

Here’s what we found out!



Cooking On The Blackstone Griddle



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The Blackstone Griddle wasn’t the first grill we purchased for camping.  Our Jayco came with a grill that attached to the side of the trailer. 

We didn’t really want to use a grill so close to our trailer so we purchased a WeberQ. 

Now, we love BBQing on our WeberQ.  That thing is great!

We make filet mignon, ribs, burgers, chicken burgers, hot dogs, sausage and foil packets of veggies and corn on the cob! (Yes, we eat well when we go camping!)


Here’s the WeberQ we have

WeberQ at campsite  


After watching other camper cook breakfast on their flat-topped grill, we thought we could try to cook breakfast in our cast-iron skillet on our WeberQ.


But the WeberQ didn’t close over the skillet and the eggs didn’t cook. 


In fact, they were terrible!


I knew I had to research to see what other campers were cooking on.


I looked online and kept seeing people talking about the Blackstone Griddle. 


The griddle worked off a small propane tank and could cook anything you could cook with a normal BBQ grill and the clean-up was much easier.

I knew this was what I was looking for to cook my breakfast outside!


Sizes Of The Blackstone Griddle

The Blackstone Griddle comes in different sizes too! 

The Blackstone 17″ Griddle, the Blackstone 22″ Tabletop Grill, and the Blackstone 36″ Griddle which would be perfect at home if you have a large family!



We decided that since it is just my husband and me most of the time camping, we would get the Blackstone 17″ Griddle.

I waited until I saw they were on sale and ordered one. 

It arrived just in time for the first camping trip of our second season!

Let me tell you, this griddle did not disappoint! 

It did everything that I was hoping for…but the best thing about it is the cleanup.


Here’s our breakfast – No Comments Please on WHAT is cooking there! 


Yes…You can see we have sausage, corned beef hash, AND pastrami!

  Breakfast on the Blackstone  


Here’s another breakfast with our bacon cooking!


Bacon on the Blackstone Grill  

And… of course those hash browns!


Hashbrowns on the Blackstone  


Best Features Of The Blackstone Griddle

The Ease of Clean Up!

Do you see the bacon grease on the photo above? 

Well, the grease just slides down into the tray and is easily disposed of. 

You can quickly clean it up to cook the next breakfast item!



The top of the griddle turns over for easy storage. 

You can also purchase a carry bag & cover for the griddle too!



Food cooks evenly 

We find that the entire surface area cooks evenly so you don’t have to worry if one area is hotter than the other.


You can cook a LONG time on one of the little propane tanks

I think we got 4-5 trips out of our tank (3-4 day stays) before we ran out of propane.




Blackstone Reviews – Things We Weren’t Crazy About 

Well, if I had to come up with something I wasn’t crazy about the griddle, is that I prefer cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on our WeberQ.


Now…maybe that’s because I like the lines that a BBQ grill makes on my hamburgers & hot dogs…or the visual of that…I’m not sure. 


The TASTE is the same but I think it’s that visual for me.


I wanted to test it, especially for the chicken burgers because chicken burgers sometimes fall apart on the BBQ grill. 


So, I thought – let’s try cooking them on the Blackstone griddle to see how they come out.  


Chicken Burgers on the Blackstone


As you can see, the chicken burgers did crisp up and didn’t fall apart. 

We cooked a hamburger in the corner as well. 


They tasted great – don’t get me wrong – that’s why, as I said, it may just be the lack of grill lines on my burgers!


But, for us, we will continue to cook our burgers on our WeberQ.


So, you can see our set up at our campsite in the photo below.  


Adjustable height folding table  


Here’s our WeberQ with the portable cart which is a quick and easy way to set up and break down!


Next to our WeberQ is our Blackstone Griddle which we sit on an adjustable table. 


This table adjusts from 24″ children’s height to 29″ table height to 36″ countertop height.


We use it later in the evening under our awning for a coffee table.


Adjustable Folding Table    


Blackstone Griddle Surface

Another thing to remember about the Blackstone is you MUST make sure you properly season the griddle after use. 

It’s like a cast-iron skillet that must be seasoned before putting it away. 


Otherwise, the griddle will rust.  We had this happen only one time when it was raining while we were breaking down the campsite and we quickly put the Blackstone away.


I am often asked why not just use a regular electric griddle.  Well, for one, the grill is electric which means you have to cook close to a power source. 


The other reason, for me, is that – well – we’re camping. 


What I was looking for was something that we could use to grill breakfast outdoors. 


That’s the main reason that I wanted the Blackstone and I can honestly say it has lived up to what I wanted it for.

So…I am going to say – YES!  The Blackstone Griddle IS worth the money!



Want to know how to Clean A Blackstone Griddle?

Here are step-by-step instructions how to clean, season and remove rust from a Blackstone Grill!





Breakfast Everything is GREAT on a Blackstone Griddle!


Let me know what you decide!

Happy Camping & Safe Travels!!

I was not compensated for this review. The information I provided is based on my family’s use of the Blackstone Griddle.


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Blackstone Griddle Review




RV Cooking on the Blackstone Griddle


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  1. Our family has went camping for 40 years we have grown from 4 to 22.imagine cooking breakfast for that many. Two years ago we got a Blacystone the four bunker one and we love it. I love that morning smell too. Keep on camping.

    1. Hi Paul! Wow! That’s A LOT of people to cook for! Glad you agree that the Blackstone is great for camping. Ours is put away until next season but can’t wait to use it again. Thanks for stopping by!
      Safe travels!

  2. I just bought and seasoned a 17” black stone. I like that it uses propane. Great for boondocking! Can’t wait to use it!

    1. Hope you like it too! I know you will! Check back in to let us know how it’s working and what you’re cooking on it!

      Happy Camping & Safe Travels!

  3. Lori just wanted to let you know we own a BlackStone Grill and we love it.We too love smelling the different foods cooking while camping..It cooks some good fried potatoes.We own a Popup camper,plan on upgrading come spring.but the blackstone grill is one thing we wanted for camping.

    1. Hi Denise! We are finding more and more things to cook on ours! We recently returned from camping with 8 family members and boy did it come in handy! This time we moved the bacon over to the WeberQ to cook on tin foil which comes out nice and crispy! That leaves the eggs & hashbrowns on the Blackstone and everything got done all at once! Glad you like it. We’ve now been talking about getting a larger one!

      Happy Camping!

  4. I have the 28” black stone griddle and we love it!! Not only for breakfast but dinners also…can you say fajitas?? And, I just purchased a new accessory for it….a grill top!! I love that I can easily turn it f on a fiddle to a gas grill!

    1. Hi Candie! I just saw pictures of the grill for the Blackstone on Facebook! How do you like using the grill part? Thanks for letting us know how you like your Blackstone! Happy Grilling!

  5. Cooking outside on the Blackstone Griddle is the best!! We have been known to take it out of the camper and use it at home too!! We of course love breakfast and pancakes are always a hit. We love frying squash, zucchini, potatoes….you can so so much on it outside!! We love ours!

    1. Hi Angie! What size grill do you have? We have the 17″ and sometimes think we need a larger Blackstone! Yes, veggies come out great on the grill…drizzle a little olive oil…yum! I love seeing all the creative folks cooking lobsters, stir fry, steaks – some are very creative in their cooking! Glad you are a happy Blackstone owner! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I purchased the blackstone griddle/grill combo. We prefer to cook our burgers and things on the grill also so last Christmas I bought my boyfriend the combo. He had been checking them out so it was the perfect gift. It solved our issue of having to take 2 separate grills. We love it!!

    1. That’s good to hear the combo is worth it! Yes, we also love to cook our burgers on the grill and had purchased our WeberQ first, so we take both along. Thanks for letting us know!

  7. I bought my husband a large Blackstone griddle for Christmas in 2018. We love cooking on it. Fajitas, hamburgers, breakfast, and much more. So this year I asked for a portable 17 inch griddle for Christmas. Can’t wait to take it camping!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! We love trying to cook new things on our Blackstone! And I now see that they have all sorts of new attachments that I can’t wait to get. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Camping!

  8. We love our griddle. We can cook a lot of food at one time. My husband loves to cook on it, actually, we stopped using our grill. It is a dream to clean and I season it after each use.

    1. Hi Rae! It really is so versatile! Good tip about seasoning it after each use. We still like to use both our WeberQ and the Blackstone when we go camping. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hi Lori! I just got my husband the 22 Blackstone for Father’s Day! We used it over the 4th while on our camping trip. Only made breakfast on it. We are going camping again next weekend and we are going to make a stir fry. Looking forward to using it more and making other things other than breakfasts!

    1. That’s great! I kind of wish we had a larger one for when our extended family comes camping with us! Have you tried a Smash Burger? We’ve cooked all kinds of things on the Blackstone! Let me know how the stir fry goes!
      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Camping!

    1. Hi Rita! Sorry for the delay in answering…we were on the road! I didn’t actually make the chicken burger lol… I got it at the butcher! It IS one of our family’s favorites though – it has spinach and feta cheese in it. I get requests all the time when I have a BBQ at home too! Happy camping!

  10. Lori

    I love my Blackstone grill. I am retired foodservice sgt from the Army. Spent of time cooking on grills both in Mess Halls and in the field. Grills make cooking and clean up extremely easy and really happy to have found 22 inch Blackstone.

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