How To Organize Your RV Camping Items

Campsite at North Pole Resorts

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Last Updated on September 7, 2021 by Lori

Do you have a new travel trailer?  Have you been wondering how to organize the back of your truck when heading out on your RV camping trip? 

We have packed and re-packed the back of the truck more times than I can count!  Finally, we came up with a system making it easy when we arrive at the campground to set up and break down our campsite.

And what’s even better…it works every time Here are some tips to help you organize your RV Camping items in the back of your truck when pulling your travel trailer!

The Best Ways To Organize Your RV Camping Items

We have a 23′ travel trailer so we use every inch of the back of our truck when we head out for the campground. 


At the beginning of our RVing days, every time we packed for a 3-4 day camping trip, my husband would pack and then re-pack the back of the truck bed.


Sometimes he would put things in the trailer storage area, but then move them back to the truck because it was in his way when we pulled into the campground to set up.


Plus—It was especially frustrating for him when I keep adding new “Must Haves” for the trip!


We’ve finally come up with a system of packing the back of the truck in the order of items we need so we can quickly set up our campsite.


Now – of course, this list is just to give you an idea of how you might pack your truck.  Everyone has different preferences of what they may want in the trailer storage vs the back of the truck.


But, if you’re new to RVing, perhaps from our list you can begin to put into place your own system for loading and unloading your truck!  


Here's a great way to Organize Your RV Camping Items in the Back of the truck when pulling your travel trailer. #RV #traveltrailer #RVtravel  

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Tips For Organizing Your RV Camping Items

Here’s a photo of the back of our truck as we were leaving for a four-day trip.  As you can see, my husband has all the items in an order he uses to set up our campsite.  


Remember – The first things loaded – are the last to be unloaded.


10 Things To Put In The Back of the Truck    


Steps To Organizing Your RV Camping Items

RV Camping Item #1 

The first things we put in the back of the truck are the Zero Gravity Chairs. These are the chairs we have and we love them!  We’ve had them two years now and they have been left out in the rain and dry quickly.


They are one of our “Must Haves” when we go camping.  I can’t tell you how comfortable they are after a long day of hiking.  You can position your legs at any height that is comfortable.


Here’s a photo of my husband and son after a day of kayaking!  They love those chairs!


Zero Gravity Chairs After Kayaking  


RV Camping Item #2 

On top of the zero gravity chairs is our Golden Retriever’s portable Dog Bed.

This is the bed Buddy uses and loves it!  I especially like to use the bed when we have gravel campsites so he’s not laying in the rocks.


Buddy at Campsite using his dog bed    


RV Camping Item #3

Adjustable Height Folding Utility Table The next item fits right on top of the dog bed. 


I can’t say enough about this table.  We love it because of its versatility and we use it in different ways when we camp. 


As you can see, we use it when we BBQ setting our Blackstone on it next to our WeberQ.  This way we can grill a lot of things at once!  


Adjustable height folding table  


We also use the table as a “coffee table” at night.  The table adjusts lower so we can put citronella candles on it as well as our drinks!


Adjustable Folding Table  


RV Camping Item #4

  EZ Up Canopy On top of all of the above list of items is the canopy.  It fits nicely against the bed of the truck next to the adjustable table.


We use both the trailer awning as well as the canopy (if allowed). 


We were just at a campground that had an either/or campground rule due to the size of the sites (either trailer awning OR canopy/tent), so just check before you load it up!


This is the canopy we use.  We use it over the picnic table and then at night, when we close the awning, we fold up the chairs in case of rain. (Yes, we learned to do this after an unexpected rainstorm!)


You can also see how we set up our adjustable folding table, our zero gravity chairs and you can see Buddy’s portable dog bed by the fire!


Campsite at North Pole Resorts  




RV Camping Item #5


Reversible RV Mat Tuck the folded mat along the side of the bed so that the chairs, dog bed, table & canopy are next to it.


This is mat has lasted us through three years of camping! (You can see ours in the photo above).  It’s still in perfect condition!


It drys very easily and all you need to do is just bring a broom along to sweep it off while camping!  When we get home, we wash it with Dawn dishwashing liquid and it comes clean!  


RV Camping Item #6


We have the WeberQ and my husband LOVES that little grill! 

The grill goes right in front of the chairs & dog bed and fits nice and tight so it doesn’t move around.  We also have the Portable Cart which I highly recommend.


It is so easy to set up and take down to store under the trailer when we aren’t using it.  


WeberQ at campsite  


RV Camping Item #7

Toolbox  The toolbox fits nicely next to the grill and behind the cooler (which you will put into the truck last) so it won’t move around. 


This toolbox does not come with the tools – so you’ll need to ADD YOUR OWN TOOLS. 


The tray can be used for your hose washers (don’t forget to buy a package of them to have on hand because you’ll need them!) and smaller items you’ll need at the campsite.


RV Camping Item #8

A 5 Gallon Bucket – We use this bucket for a lot of things.  Plus it’s handy just in case you might need a bucket at the campground. 


We use our bucket to hold our plumbing supplies (i.e. water pressure regulatorhose elbow) and our propane tanks which keeps them all together so they’re not rattling around somewhere!  


RV Camping Item #9

Green Water Hoses – TIP–My husband coils up the hoses and puts a small bungee cord on them so they stay tight!

In fact, you’ll find that having an assortment of bungee cords will come in very handy!


Assortment of Bungee Cords



Your Green Water hoses (not to be confused with your white water hoses!) are used to flush out the black tank.  You might also need an extra hose at the campground. 


White hoses are your freshwater ONLY (but you already knew that!).   


RV Camping Item #10

If there’s one item you will need several of…it’s these 17 gallon storage totes.  They are perfect for storing hoses or just about anything to help keep your storage area organized.


RV Must Have Storage Container for Hoses


This storage tote holds our sewer hoses, gloves, and sewer hose support and is one of the last things we put in the back of the truck. 


That way when we flush the black tank at a full hookup site, we roll up the host, put away the hose support and put them all in the tote and load it on the truck. 


If we are pulling up to the dump station, we can easily pull out the tote, take out the hoses and then put them away 1-2-3!



Are you a New RVer?

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RV Camping Item #11

One of the MOST important items — Your Cooler!  This one is similar to the one we have. 


We have had many coolers over the years and I find the ones with the cup holders very important! 


This item is the first thing that comes off the truck when we get to the campground! We all know that you’re going to want to reach in the cooler for a nice cold drink before setting up the campsite!  


If You Are Traveling To A Campsite With Water/Electric Only…You’ll Need This!


RV Camping Item #12

Portable RV Waste Tote or otherwise known as a “Blue Boy”.  If we are at a campground that has a full-hookup, we don’t need to take our Blue Boy. 


If not, THIS is the FIRST item we load into the truck…because it is the LAST thing we need for setting up the campground!  


RV Camping Items Organized In The Back Of The Truck

That’s it!  We then roll up our TruXedo Truck Bed Cover and away we go!  And make sure on your CHECKLIST you add:  CLOSE THE TRUCK BED COVER!! 


Because…you guessed it! 


We’ve happily driven down the road on our way home only to realize the cover wasn’t on!


Have you ever left with your truck cover open?  I want to hear about it – or anything ELSE you’ve forgotten to do and driven down the highway!  


If you’re interested in seeing more about our TruXedo Truck Bed Cover, you might want to read my blog post Buying the Right Truck Bed Cover.  


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Safe Travels Everyone! Happy Camping!


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  1. Love your packing suggestions. We just started rving and we have a suburban. Of course we have to do a little different but I loved the organization.Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for this list! I’ll be full-timing soon and had a few ideas but this is a nice visual for how everything Tetris-fits together.

    One quick thing, though: I think you accidentally linked the cooler to the toolbox. I’ve been looking for a good toolbox for my RV (currently everything for the truck is in a plastic milk crate….not exactly organized!).

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the heads-up about the toolbox! I’m not sure what happened but I’ll get that fixed ASAP. Thanks for stopping by and good luck as you start your Full-Time RVing Adventures!

  3. Is there a checklist for things to pack? So that as it gets packed I can cross them off

    1. Hi Michelle! I have an RV checklist bundle that includes an RV Kitchen & Pantry checklist, set up and departure checklists if you’re interested! I did not include a checklist for things to pack such as clothes, bathroom essentials etc because everyone would need/want something different. I also have RV Notes bundle. These are what I use to make a list to put up on my refrigerator and then I check it off when I put it in the RV fridge. Maybe that’s something you might be interested in? Let me know!

    1. Hi Becky. It really depends on what your own RV and how it is constructed. We use scrubbing bubbles with bleach on the shower and toilet. You can use Lysol wipes to lean around the outside too!

  4. Terrific tips! Thanks for sharing how you worked through the logistics…verifying we are at least on the right track with our new travel trailer. The raised dog-bed….that’s a good idea. Our pup requires a brush down after rolling around on the camp pad every night; he is welcome in the trailer, but he needs to leave the debris outside.

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