Top 5 Clothing Must-Haves for RV Camping

campers wearing fleece jackets

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Last Updated on September 15, 2021 by Lori

What are the best clothes to take camping? Knowing what to wear camping and packing the right clothes to take camping can sometimes make or break your camping trip!  But when you’re a new RVer, it can become overwhelming to remember everything you need to take with you.

Here is a great list of the top 5 clothing must-haves for RV Camping that will help you be prepared for all types of camping weather!



Our first season of camping was definitely a learning experience for both of us.  

We really had no idea what we were doing!


Jayco Travel Trailer pulled by truck


My parents had been RV camping for over 30 years, but they started their camping after I had married and moved to the east coast.  So, of course, I asked them a million questions about what we were going to need.


My husband had always wanted an RV.  When he was young, he had one of those Winnebago campers that he played with dreaming of having his own someday.


As we got ready for our first season (now 3 seasons ago!), I began to put together a list of Must-Have items that all new RVers will need to get started with their new RV.


Here’s that post of the  20 Must-Haves For New RVers.  


The first few times we went camping, we were always concerned about packing food, drinks, making sure we had all the essentials for the camper.


When we actually got to the campground, I realized there were a few “comforts of home” that I needed to remember so that I could enjoy our time camping!


camper trailer campfire


Of course, there was a reason behind this… 


You guessed it – the very first time we took our new trailer along with our entire family camping – it RAINED


As the campground neared, the skies darkened and just as we were pulling into our spot – the skies opened up! 


It was then that I whipped out my cell phone and started my list:  


5 Favorite Clothing Must Haves For RV Camping  

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The Best Clothing Must-Haves for RV Camping

And, guess what the number one item is on my list? 


A Rain Jacket.

This is one of the best items I have ever purchased.  I love this rain jacket because it is light-weight, has a hood, and keeps you dry. 

I wear it every time it rains.


camping must have Rain Jacket


These are the BEST rain jackets!  We have had ours for three years now!  What we like about them is that they dry very quickly!

I can’t tell you the number of times we have had to pack the trailer in the rain.  Something no RVer LOVES to do — but when we’re finished packing up, we can take these off and lay them out in the truck and they are dry in no time!

Columbia Rain Jacket
My Rain Jacket


Once my husband saw MY rain jacket – he wanted one too (see the photo of us above)!


 This is the rain jacket that I got him.  It is very similar to mine.  

Mens Rain Jacket  


Here’s where you can shop for this type of rain jacket.





Rain Boots – 

The second item I got were rain boots. 

Of course, there are several styles including short boots, tall boots, duck boots – you can choose your own favorite!  This is the pair I have and love them! 

They are lightweight and comfy – and cute too! 

I actually purchased a pair for my mom to take her little dog out and she loves them too!



You can get these fun rain boots here:  Rain Boots


Looking for something more “functional”?  Try these Duck Boots!  They are warm and lightweight. 



These Women’s Duck Boots will definitely keep your feet warm and dry when you’re trying to set up or breakdown your campground in the rain!


Fleece/Sweatshirts – 

I like to bring both a Light-weight & Heavy-weight sweatshirt. 

This is my favorite lightweight 1/2 zip fleece because not only do they come in various colors,  they can be layered with other shirts and can be used all year long. 

There are so many to choose from!  


Lightweight Sweatshirt
My Lightweight sweatshirt


And if you follow my Blog, you will see me wearing this fleece – A LOT!!!  Here I am at Lost River Gorge.

Caves at Lost River Gorge


You can get this lightweight 1/2 zip fleece HERE  

I also like the Full Zip Fleece Jackets so that I can wear layers.  


Here’s a photo of me wearing another one of my Full Zip Fleece Jackets at Acadia National Park in Maine.

Full zip fleece is a must have for RV camping


I bring several sweatshirts along with my because – ok – I’ll say it…by the third-day camping, I don’t like to put on a sweatshirt that I have worn for two days by the fire pit! 

So, I have these in several colors!

You can get these Full Zip Fleece Jackets HERE


Women’s Benton Springs™ Full Zip Fleece Jacket - Dark Cyan - 1372111Women’s Benton Springs™ Full Zip Fleece Jacket - Dark Cyan - 1372111-view 0    


Warm Boots – While sitting by the fire, I like to be nice and warm so I always throw my pair of warm Ugg Boots in the storage area.


Even if it is summertime, I like to have my feet be warm. 


These are my favorite mainly because they will keep your feet warm and dry.  I’ve had these FOREVER! 


Rain, Snow, Summer, Fall – The best boot you can ever buy.

You can get these classic UGG Boots here




I also have these boots in tan & black.  They keep my feet nice & warm too!

Be sure to check out these warm boots that are great for your budget! 


Macy's Boots Black Boots    



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Check out my post What To Wear Camping In The Fall



What To Wear RV Camping


Finally, you have to have Camping Sleepwear! 

I thought I was the only person who likes camping pj’s but I can’t tell you how many people I see at the campgrounds wearing them! 

There’s even an RV Facebook group dedicated to RV Pajamas!

When I was visiting my parents in Kansas I found these cute RV Pajamas


I love them!  They are so soft and comfy too!  






Click here to get these RV Pajamas!  



Have you seen these “This is How We Roll” Pajamas?




Or maybe it is HOT where you are…here’s another RV Camping sleepwear Shorts Set and Tank you might like.



They are so cute!


I’m sure you as you continue camping, you will make your own list of “Must Haves” but for now…don’t forget these items so you can still enjoy the campfire in ALL types of weather!

What are some of your “must-have camping outfits” when you go camping? 

Let me know!





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Top 5 RV Clothing Must Haves You Need For RV Camping

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    1. Hi Lori,thanks for the oh tip. I thought nomads slept in there clothes because No one ever mentions sleepwear.I am about to be “The Oldest Nomad” starting in April. Im 84 female. 24 ft Tioga .and I like my PJ’s..

  1. We have been camping a number of years with our kids (now 12 and 15) and we found the best thing to do with everyone’s shoes, boots, slides, sneakers, etc is have a “shoe bin” which we keep outside under the awning next to the steps to go inside . It’s a Rubbermaid tote with a cover and at night everyone’s shoes get put away and if it rains, we slide the bin under the camper to ensure our shoes will be nice and dry in the morning. It keeps the dirt outside and it’s easy to grab them and if you have to, sit on the steps to put them on!

    1. That’s a great idea Dawn! Even when you have the mat and steps to “stomp off” the dirt, they never do! Putting the tote under the trailer to keep it dry is a great idea too. Thanks for the tip!

  2. My must-haves are flip flops or slides to run in and out in and throws. I love having a soft throw when sitting around the fire or while I’m reading in the air conditioning 🙂

    1. Absolutely! My family thinks I’m crazy that I bring along a throw (blanket) in the summer. I also use them by the fire and when I’m sitting inside on rainy days! Flip Flops too! They are easy to put on and take off as you go in and out of the trailer. Thanks for adding your “must haves”!

  3. And one or two of those sweats should have a hood! It’s hard to feel truly toasty sitting around the fire on a cool or breezy evening when your ears are chillin’.

  4. Great post. I use crocs for quick trips in/out. Love my similar rain jacket and fleece vest. We have several throws for cozying up with, a couple of neck roll pillows. We are full-timers of about 2.5 years and workamp along the way.

    1. Hi Ruth! Oh yes! I really should add some type of hat on this list! A wide brim hat is great for the sun! I have my favorite camping hats with sayings on them too that I wear. Thanks for the great tip! Happy Camping!

  5. One thing we carry with us when camping is swim shoes. They are light weight and don’t take up much room. We use them when it is raining and muddy at our campsite. The are easily rinsed off when they get messy and muddy.

    1. Hi Donna! That’s a great tip! They are great for around the campground and are easy to clean. They also slip on and off easily! Thanks for writing in! And Happy Camping!

  6. So great tips from you and your readers. I love Dawn’s tip on the shoe bid. For it is flip flops, rain jacket, wide brim hat that is super light weight, hoodies, wind shirts.

    1. Hi Sherri! I love those wind shirts too! I need to find a wide brim hat for this year. I have the baseball style hats I wear but I would like to add a wide brim hat to wear in the sun.
      Thanks for your great tips! Happy Camping!

  7. I am very light skinned and tend to get sunburned very quickly so I always take a couple of “fishing shirt” they have UV protection fused into the fabric. They are light weight and come in many colors. Before I retired I kept one in my car to protect my arms when driving to and from work.

    1. Hi Jane! Thanks for the tip. I’ve never heard of a “fishing shirt” so I had to look it up. They were what I had pictured, but had never heard them called that! These type of shirts are very comfortable and protect your skin at the same time. That’s great tip for our Clothing Must-Haves list! Thanks for writing in!

  8. This popped into my feed and I had to read it. Solid advice. My parents started taking us camping by the time we were 5ish. That’s over 50 years ago. Just sold my motor home and going to downsize simply because it is just my ex hubs and our 6 dogs. Gas is $6 and up and that can get expensive real quick. Probably will go back to a travel trailer with a slide out and a truck. I went to look at new trucks. Yikes! They cost more than my first house! Just love that you are out and about and one can see and learn a lot about nature and different areas from where we reside and see things that one won’t get in a 5 star resort. Will go see what other fun stuff you have. Thanks for sharing!

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