High Falls Gorge – A Must See in the Adirondacks

High Falls Gorge Adirondacks

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Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Lori

If you love waterfalls and nature walks then High Falls Gorge located in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Mountains in New York needs to be on your list of “Must Sees” when visiting the Lake Placid area!


High Falls Gorge features four beautiful waterfalls cascading over rocks with walkways, trails, bridges and two glass floor walkways to safely view the falls. The entire family will love spending the day at High Falls Gorge!

Where is High Falls Gorge?

High Falls Gorge is located in Wilmington, New York just a short drive from Lake Placid and only one (1) mile from the entrance to Whiteface Mountain.


Sign To Entrance at High Falls Gorge


We loved our visit to High Falls Gorge because there was so much to see and do in the area! 

We traveled to the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Mountains with our travel trailer and was so happy that we decided to stay in the Wilmington area!





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What You Will See At High Falls Gorge

High Falls Gorge is actually a deep crevice carved by the Ausable River a billion years ago.  Native Americans once called High Falls Gorge “The Ancient Valley of Foaming Water.”


The falls and trails are located on 22 acres and are open year-round.  The park is privately owned and therefore receives no federal or state funding to preserve the natural beauty of the area or to help maintain the walkways and paths which allow visitors to view the falls year-round. 



Things To Know About High Falls Gorge


The 2021 Summer entrance fees (May-October) are $13.00 for Adults/$10.00 for Children ages 4-12 (plus tax). 

Winter rates (November-April) are $14.50 for Adults/$10.50 for Children (ages 4-12) plus tax. 


There is also Snowshoe Package which includes a day pass to waterfalls, snowshoes, and snowshoe trail admission $26.50 Adults/$16.50 Children (ages 4-12) plus tax.


Unfortunately, High Falls Gorge does not allow pets.


Check the High Falls Gorge website for days and times as it varies from season to season.


High Falls Gorge Entrance



Where To Purchase Entrance Tickets To High Falls Gorge


Enter the cute gift shop (where we purchased awesome mugs), to pay for your entrance ticket. 

The River View Cafe not only serves food, but also New York craft beer and wine.


***Tip***  Ask at the desk for your FREE area map of things to do in the Adirondacks!!  


The map includes all the things to do, places to see, restaurants, etc. that you will want to have.  It is FREE but you have to ASK for it.  It’s on the wall right behind the counter. 


Luckily, I had read this tip somewhere prior to our trip and knew to ask for it before we left.  So happy we had that map!


After paying for your day pass, you will cross a bridge over the Ausable River. 


I think what amazed me about our entire trip to the Adirondacks was the beautiful views everywhere you looked!



Crossing the Ausable River at High Falls Gorge


After crossing the river, you have the choice of taking the Waterfall Trail (a half-mile loop of stairs and walkways) or the Easy Path which is a 1/4  pathway taking you to the center of the Gorge without stairs.


Easy Walking Trail at High Falls Gorge


We, of course, took the stairs!

Walkway at High Falls Gorge


Just remember – after you climb down the stairs…you climb back up!   Sorry…I’m just kidding…the stairs weren’t really THAT bad! 

However, that being said, if you have trouble walking up and downstairs, I strongly suggest taking the “Easy Path” to the main part of the gorge.


Stairs To Climb at High Falls Gorge


There are four (4) falls to see at High Falls Gorge:  Rainbow Falls, Climax Falls, Mini Falls, and the Main Falls.  One million gallons of water flow through the gorge every day!


Here is the first of five (5) viewing platforms providing an awesome photo op!


First Photo Op High Falls Gorge


Another reason we loved High Falls Gorge is the informational signs telling visitors about the history of the park, interesting tidbits about the area, foliage and trees that you see.

Signage along High Falls Gorge


Trees at High Falls Gorge


As you continue along the Waterfall Walk you will learn more about how the Master Pothole and the Porridge Potholes have been formed by the rushing water.


Walkway along the trail at High Falls Gorge


The views from the bridge over the falls are incredible!  Just being up that high was very cool.



Crossway Over Ausable River


Waterfall and Walkway at High Falls Gorge



High Falls Gorge Nature Trail Hike

After completing the Waterfall Walk, we decided to take the one (1) mile Intermediate Nature Trail.


Nature Trail Entrance High Fall Gorge


Once again, I was SO happy I wore my hiking boots and brought my backpack with a couple of water bottles! 

The trail was nothing like I expected – a little more advanced than what I envisioned. 


Do you see where it says “Uneven Surfaces and Steep Inclines”?


Yep…I shoulda known.  It was definitely an Intermediate Trail!


Nature Trail at High Falls Gorge


But…I Made it!!!  Thanks of course to my husband who had to pull me up the hill a few times!

We loved the hike though!  It was very quiet through the woods. 

You had to make sure you followed the signs on the trees which guided you as to the direction to take. 

You can see from this photo…sometimes the direction you were supposed to take was not clearly visible!


Nature Hike at High Falls Gorge


This photo shows a better trail through the woods.


Intermediate Trail at High Falls Gorge


While the Nature Hike was definitely a challenge – we were so happy we did it!  We took our time and made it to the Ausable River. 

At the end of the trail, there are comfy Adirondack Chairs where you can sit by the river and rest or eat a picnic lunch!


After the Nature Trail at High Falls Gorge


When we returned to the gift shop I told the young lady the Nature Trail seemed much longer than a mile…and she smiled and said, “It’s an Adirondack mile!”


5 Tips For Your Visit to High Falls Gorge


 1.  Bring along bottles of water.

Even if you don’t take the Nature Trail, the Waterfall Trail and even the Easy Path is will take you at least an hour.  It can be very hot and humid during the summer.


2.  Wear Sturdy Shoes.  I recommend wearing Hiking Boots if you want to take the Nature Trail.

You will feel more confident climbing all the stairs and walking along the paths if you wear sturdy shoes and not flip-flops.  They won’t let you go on the Nature Trail wearing flip-flops, and I highly recommend wearing hiking boots for the Nature Trail.


3.  Ask for the Free “Discovery Map” of the Adirondacks & Lake Placid at the ticket counter. 

On one side is the map of all the places to see and things to do in the Adirondacks and the other side is a map of all the places you won’t want to miss in Lake Placid.


4.  Bring a picnic lunch to eat at the tables along the Ausable River.  You can also order food at the River View Cafe and take it out to the tables to eat.


5.  Take your time and enjoy the views!


Waterfall at High Falls Gorge


Have you ever been to High Falls Gorge?  If so, did you take the Nature Trail?

I’d love to hear about it!


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High Falls Gorge A Must See In The Adirondacks



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  1. Hi Lori, I’ve been reading your blog and wanted to know how camping with your dog is. We have two Standard Poodles and we are thinking about taking them with us for about a month. My concern is that they won’t stay in the campsite. They are not leashed. They can beif needed. Also do u just leave your dog in the camper all day if you choose to go out? Then you are on a time frame. Can you take your dog to most sites?

    1. Hi Rochelle,
      Yes, sometimes it is not easy taking Buddy with us when we go camping. First, we have to check to make sure the campground even allows dogs. Some do not so be sure to check their pet policy! Also, all campgrounds have a policy that dogs must be on a leash at all times. We put a stake in the ground so that we can set up the campsite, but some campgrounds do not allow this. They also do not allow small wire pens. You have to look at each campground’s policy. There are campgrounds that also have a “breed restriction” so it’s important to know all the policies of the places you want to go.

      If we are going to be gone for a short period of time and dogs are not allowed where we are going, we crate Buddy in the trailer. We have a soft travel crate that maybe you’ve seen in my article on my blog. It works very well. He’s been crate trained since a pup so he has no problem sleeping while we’re away. We did not take Buddy to New Hampshire because we knew we were going to be gone for long periods of time during the day going up the Cog Railway, Lost River Gorge, Flume Gorge, etc. Otherwise, Buddy rides in a second soft crate we have in the truck and goes wherever we go.

      My advice is to double check the policies at the campgrounds you are staying at. Also check the policies for the attractions you want to go to and make sure they allow dogs. Some do…and some don’t. We love camping with Buddy and wouldn’t have it any other way!

      Best of luck to you and let me know what you decide and how it turns out!

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