Easy Hiking Trail To Kaaterskill Falls – Catskill Mountains

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Last Updated on December 21, 2020 by Lori

We love to go RV camping in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  The Catskills are only a three and a half hour drive pulling our travel trailer from Long Island which makes it an easy weekend trip.  There’s hiking, fishing, tubing, kayaking and just spending the day exploring the beautiful winding roads.  It was on one of these “exploring days” that took us to a beautiful Kaaterskill Falls.

Hiking At Kaaterskill Falls

One of the most popular hikes in the area is to Kaaterskill Falls, a two-stage waterfall of Kaaterskill Creek. The two cascades total 260 feet in height, making it one of the highest waterfalls in New York.


Location Of Kaaterskill Falls


Located between Haines Falls, NY and Palenville, NY, Kaaterskill Falls provides a beautiful and serene hike for all ages and skill levels. 

On our 30 minute drive from Sleepy Hollow Campground, we saw many people walking along Rt. 23A.  There is really no shoulder along the roadway and we said to each other, “Where are those people going?  They must be crazy!” 

But, they were walking to the trailhead to hike approximately 20 minutes to one of the most spectacular views (from what I’ve read) of the beautiful Kaaterskill Falls.  


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Kaaterskill Falls 


We chose the easier way to see the falls which is a short walk (.3 mile) from the parking lot along a pathway to the viewing platform. 

This particular viewing area is at the top of the falls looking down.  We have been to the viewing platform of the falls four times now! 

Each time has been in a different month so we have seen the falls gushing with water, and we have seen the falls with only a trickle flowing downward.



Kaaterskill Falls Viewing Platform

To reach the viewing platform take Rt 23A to Haines Falls to North Lake Road (County Rt 18).  Make a right onto Laurel House Road until the end. 

TIP:  The parking lot to the viewing platform is a very SMALL – so I advise you to get there early! 

From the parking lot, there are several paths you can take (kids especially love to ‘cut through’) or you can stay on the main path. 

It is a short walk (hike) to the viewing platform where you can see the falls.  You can opt to take other trails and stairs which will lead to the lower area of the falls. 



We also saw several Park Rangers along the way stopping to answer questions.

Dogs are welcome in the park and Buddy, our Golden Retriever, loves to meet everyone along the path!


While at the viewing platform, you can read about the history of Kaaterskill Falls, trails to take and watch the people down below at the lower falls.



We also visited the viewing platform in October and you can see that there isn’t a lot of water flowing down the falls. You can see the trees just beginning to change colors.  


As always, the views from the Viewing Platform are spectacular!  




Kaaterskill Falls is one of my favorite places to visit in the Catskills.  No matter which season you visit – you will always see something different!




One of these days, we plan to hike to the bottom of the falls!  But, for now, this view was just enough for me! 

If you’re in this area of the Catskills, you won’t want to miss this spectacular waterfall…and if you’re an experienced hiker, you might want to hike the Yellow Trail to see the most incredible two-tiered waterfall in the United States – Kaaterskill Falls.


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