Best RV Gadgets And RV Accessories That Actually Work For Camping

This page was updated on 9/10/21

What Are Some Of the Best RV Gadgets And RV Accessories That Actually Work For Camping?

Campers are famous for making list after list of Must-Have camping accessories. But which ones are the BEST and have been tested over and over?

These are some of our camping favorite RV Must-Haves that actually work!

This page will be updated throughout the camping season to let you know how these camping favorites are holding up or whether they have been put in the garage.

Plus, I’ve included some great upcoming deals that every camping family will love!

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Best RV Camping Accessories

RVers are always adding to their RV Accessories! Whether you are looking for comfy camping items or RV essentials, these are some of the new camping purchases we made this camping season and how they are holding up!

Outdoor String Lights

Best Travel Trailer camping lights

We purchased these outdoor lights at the end of last season. They have held up well this season too. I do put them back into the box each time we pack up. The package comes with two additional bulbs.

I love the warm light it gives off at the campground. Our travel trailer came with the blue led lights attached under the awning – not the extra little light I am looking for when sitting by the campfire!

Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit

We picked up this Tire Repair Kit after our truck tire got a flat on the way to the campground. Luckily, our truck TPMS alerted us and we pulled into a gas station just as we were pulling onto the Expressway!

The repair station was closed but they called someone to come to plug our tire. The man came with this toolkit and plugged the tire in no time. We purchased this repair kit and carry a portable air compressor with us in case it happens again!

Hitch Grip Ball Mount Carrier

You know when you’re sitting at the campground and see another camper have something and your husband turns to you and says, “Why Don’t I Have One Of Those???”

Yes, that really happened. I can honestly say, this Handy Little RV Tool is the BEST tool for those who have a travel trailer and have been lifting that hitch out of the truck for years!

My husband LOVES it!

Hitch Grip RV Tool

Picnic Table Caddy

This is the #1 RV accessory that we have used both camping and in the backyard! No more going in and out of the camper to get things – just add them to your caddy and carry everything out at once!

Camping Caddie

This is what we call a Camping Essential now!

Reflective Warning Road Safety Triangle Kit

While we haven’t had to use these yet, we saw plenty of them being used along the road to warn motorists about breakdowns during our 9-day, 2,700-mile camping trip! These are always good to have!

Cute Retro Happy Camper Table Cloth

I can’t tell you the number of times campers came up to me to ask “Where did you get your tablecloth?” Even my daughter loved it!

It was left out in two torrential rainstorms and did not smudge!

Cute Retro Camping Picnic Table Cloth

Pop Up Mesh Food Covers Tent

If you’re camping where there are flies, these are perfect for the campground – or even the backyard!

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Want peace of mind while on your RV trip?

Get a Tire Pressure Monitoring System or also known as a TPMS.

We chose the GUTA Tire Pressure Monitoring System. We found that other reviews were correct in that GUTA TPMS can be a little complicated to initially install.

However, once we got it installed on our RV tires, we definitely had peace of mind knowing that we could see it measuring the tire pressure and temperature of our RV tires.

Our pull vehicle already came with a TPMS for the truck tires, so we just purchased the 6 sensors thinking that we would have backup sensors if we lost one or one of the sensors stopped working.

GUTA RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System, RV TPMS, 6 Sensors, 7 Alarm Modes, 14 Days Battery Life, 80ft Sensing Distance, Large Screen, for RV, Trailer, Coach, Motor Home, Fifth Wheel,

A Battery Operated Telescopic Fan

Knowing we would be camping in a more southern region that we were accustomed to, I asked my Aunt & Uncle who camp in the south if they had any recommendations to keep the bug away.

They both said, “A FAN!”

Thank goodness I listened! This battery-operated fan worked perfectly to keep those pesky flies away while we were eating!

battery operated portable fan

I could adjust its height and move it from the picnic table to the small table next to my zero-gravity chairs!

Read more about how this fan kept the flies away at Outlanders River Camp in Luray, VA this summer!

This fan an A++ purchase!